Ron is the llama carting king. He is also the mayor of a small town in Georgia. Through two decades he has trained countless llamas in the art of pulling a buggy around. He literally wrote the book on cart driving with llamas. He first had his fascination with llamas through watching a news program that was featuring a local farm. Since that day, he's caught the llama bug. 

As mayor of this small town, Ron has introduced many people to the love of llamas including the town sheriff and the county judge. Since his election in 2013, he's been introducing a lot of improvements to the community to not only benefit the life of the citizens but also to benefit the life of the llamas in the town. 

Ron has been out of showing competitively for about a decade. He's finally decided to pick back up the saddle and hit the rink. With the competition more fierce, he can only hope to succeed.